Ulzhan Myrzageldieva: We Have High Hopes for the Upcoming Elections

March 3, 2023

Creating conditions for decent life of citizens should become a priority of state policy. This opinion on the eve of the early elections to Mazhilis of Parliament of the RK and maslikhats of all levels was expressed by the head of the public fund Zhaksylyk Arifmetikasy NS, a mother of many children, Uljan Myrzageldieva.

The public woman is sure that reform of the national economy today is implemented in parallel with a renewal of priorities and a change of course towards interaction with the population.

“Many Kazakhstanis have high expectations with the upcoming early elections to the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Maslikhat. We want to see a New Kazakhstan, where local executive bodies will gradually solve problematic social issues. At this time, new political forces have emerged on the political arena, which can boldly speak out and make their contribution to public administration. In this regard, it is imperative to adhere to the principles of political pluralism, which promotes fair and just competition between parties and self-nominated candidates for parliamentary mandates. In this regard, our common task is to go to the polls to vote for worthy candidates. Thus, thanks to the renewed deputy corps in the lower house of parliament and regional maslikhats, before our eyes a new political culture based on mutual responsibility, respect and trust between the state and civil society will be formed,” she concluded.

Source: elorda.info