TV Debate Recap: Parties Cover Wide Range of Topics from Education to Citizen Welfare

March 17, 2023

Issues of education, health care, improving the lives of citizens, support for mothers with many children and women - this is not the whole range of issues raised in the course of pre-election debates of political parties on the air of Khabar TV channel.

It should be noted that a live TV debate between representatives of seven political parties participating in the elections to Mazhilis of the Parliament was held on Khabar TV channel.

Erlan Koshanov from the AMANAT party, Zhiguli Dairabayev from the Auyl party, Aidarbek Khojanazarov from the Respublica party, Oksana Aubakirova from People's Party of Kazakhstan, Azamathan Amirtayev from the Baitak party, Azat Peruashev from the Aq Jol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan, and Nurlan Auesbayev from the National Social Democratic Party took part in the debates.

According to the regulations, the debates consisted of three rounds. In the first round of the second round, participants for two minutes read out their proposals on the theme "Social and economic development of Kazakhstan. In the second round, representatives of the parties answered questions from the audience, which were received through calls to the call center.
Representatives of each party were asked one question, the remaining questions were sent to the parties' headquarters.

In the third round, participants in the TV debates addressed voters.
Thus, the chairman of Respublica political party Aidarbek Khojanazarov outlined the main tasks on which his party plans to work.

"We would like to say that our country is in a big crisis. During the previous debates our co-chairman talked about it very well, saying that expenditures of our country amounted to 21 trillion tenge, while tax collection was only 17 trillion tenge. Our country is currently short of 4 trillion tenge. We are practically in a pre-bankruptcy state and in crisis. Our team and all our co-chairs are anti-crisis managers. Take Ruslan Berdenov, he raised Eurofarm from the ground up. Take Dinara Shukizhanova, an abandoned diesel plant, which everyone forgot, turned it into well-known Agromashholding, which assembles all kinds of equipment, both tractors and combines. I also turned a practically declining agricultural holding into the No. 1 agricultural holding of our country within five years," the chairman of the Respublica said.

According to him, there are very important necessary changes in terms of improving the business environment.

"We want each of our citizens to be free. What is free? Freedom is when you are healthy, educated, cultured. That's why we have outlined three main chapters in our program. The first chapter deals with education, where we must improve education, in terms of equalization, so that there is justice in both the countryside and the city. The second is to improve health care. We need to expand screening, to implement preventive health care not after the disease has set in. We need to work on the health of the nation before the actual disease occurs. We also need to work on culture. I watched the first debate. If we even have a culture at the policy level like this, what can we say about the culture of our nation? We need significant changes in terms of culture, and we see this emergence of culture through the development of language," Aidarbek Khojanazarov added.

In turn, the chairman of the AMANAT party Erlan Koshanov said that the court and prosecutor, police, akims and officials should be for our citizens not masters, but protectors.

"Within one month, the AMANAT party toured all four corners of the country: from Arkalyk to Konaev, from Petropavlovsk to Karatau, from Zaisan to Kulsary. We traveled to remote villages. We heard people's complaints and criticism. We found supporters numbering in the millions. We made sure that our people look with hope and support the party," said Yerlan Koshanov.
According to him, the pre-election program of the party is a clear action plan. To implement it, AMANAT nominated candidates on all levels. In general, the party participates in the elections without populism and without empty promises.

"We are sure that the electorate appreciates our political honesty. Today we are believed by those who have always criticized us. We are all united by the goals set by the President in his Address exactly one year ago. To be honest, there are many problems that have accumulated over the years that make people worry. Our people are waiting for an urgent solution to the problems. The first is to improve the living conditions of our citizens. We are taking concrete measures to increase citizens' incomes. We will systematically fight unemployment. The second is corruption and injustice. We will return the billions of dollars stolen, taken out of the country. The courts and prosecutors, police, akims and bureaucrats must not be the masters, but the protectors of our citizens. We are radically reforming this industry. The third is discipline and security. People should not worry about the independence and stability of the state, society - for order in the streets and yards, parents - for the safety of their children in school and in the army. The AMANAT Party will make every effort to solve these problematic issues," said the Party Chairman.

The Baitak party pays special attention to protecting the health and rights of people, the development of clean energy. This was stated by the chairman of the party Azamatkhan Amirtayev.

"The main goal of the Baitak party is to protect the rights of citizens, creating a strong economy, focused on public health and modern clean production technologies. For us, the highest manifestation of justice is the preservation of human life and health. The party has 10 years of experience as a movement, although it was registered recently. Our candidates are against greedy and ruthless exploitation of natural resources", Azamatkhan Amirtayev said.

He says that this is the reason why the party includes specialists of all sectors.
"Our party has environmentalists, scientists, lawyers, economists, managers, entrepreneurs, public figures, doctors and teachers. In addition, in every region members of our party become public figures. Our candidates have held 3.7 thousand meetings and meetings with the general public," assured the speaker.

According to him, representatives of the party have reached 4.5 million people through social networks.

"Party members explained our platform to the people. Based on the demands of the population, we have developed an action plan of the party in the Mazhilis and Maslikhats. We must protect people's health and rights, fight against environmental pollution, develop clean energy and industry, and attract new technologies and investments. In particular, our task is to create conditions for children to live in a clean environment," Azamatkhan Amirtayev added.

The country should give priority to the assembly of agricultural machinery, said Zhiguli Dairabayev, deputy chairman of the Auyl People's Democratic Patriotic Party.

"It is known that Auyl party is a fundamental political organization. We participate in the elections of deputies to the Mazhilis of Parliament. There are real patriots in our ranks who love their land," said Zhiguli Dairabayev.
Deputy Chairman of the party noted that the party consists of about one thousand people, and he came with the trust of these citizens.

"Our party is working steadily in all cities and districts. We are sure that in the upcoming elections the results of the party will be high. The position of the party is clear - to become the main political force in the society," noted the party member.

In this regard, he stressed that the Auyl party pays special attention to issues of food security and development of the villages. In case the party passes into the Mazhilis, it is ready to work honestly and make its contribution to passing relevant laws.

"Our people suffer from the banking system, because the interest rate on loans is too high, the population is mired in debt. There are also many issues in the social sphere. In particular, if we pass the Mazhilis, we will pass a law on food security by discussing it with the population. The infrastructure in the villages is worn out, so we need to rebuild networks in the settlements. To get out of the impasse, we will resolve the issue of creating an Agrobank with 100 per cent State capital. In addition, in order to update the agricultural equipment, we will give priority to the assembly of domestic agricultural machinery," added Zhiguli Dairabayev.

Azat Peruashev, Chairman of the Aq Jol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan, noted the party's achievements in Parliament.

"The Aq Jol Democratic Party is the party of domestic producers and patriots. When others throw empty promises and share their imaginations, we talk about what exactly we have done and how we will continue this work. Our priorities - support of free economy and domestic producers, parliamentary republic, deoffshorization and return of capital to the country," said Azat Peruashev.

The speaker added that the faction Aq Jol during his work in parliament has sent more than 10 thousand proposals for bills, more than 600 parliamentary inquiries, initiated 14 bills.

"When discussing reports on the implementation of the budget, the appointment of ministers and other important issues, Aq Jol expresses a different opinion and when voting does not constantly support the Government. Working in the Parliament, representatives of the party put forward a number of important initiatives. Today, at the direct request of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law "On Parliamentary Opposition", which we have been proposing since 2012, the Law "On Bankruptcy of Individuals", which Ak Zhol party has been promoting since 2014, the monopoly of ROP and VAC (Value Added Chain), whose illegality has been repeatedly pointed out by Aq Jol since 2017," Azat Peruashev noted.
The speaker also added that in his September 1 Address, the President gave instructions to introduce differentiated tax rates, which Aq Jol has been seeking since 2011, to support domestic enterprises in state procurement, which the party has been insisting on since 2015, to develop the Law "On Return of Capital", which Aq Jol has been demanding since 2013, and many other things.

"In 2019, the Aq Jol party said that change is inevitable, but it is important to manage it. Our program consists of such concrete proposals for change. We see that this understanding is consonant with the position of President Tokayev, who the other day said that he would propose a new package of reforms. Aq Jol Democratic Party will make its contribution, so that the changes were not just a beautiful word, but real deeds," summed up Azat Peruashev.

“The People's Party of Kazakhstan will pay special attention to protecting the rights of ordinary people, including mothers and children with many children, young people and young families” the party member Oksana Aubakirova said.

"Faith leads a person forward and disappoints in life. First of all, we believe in God, and then in ourselves. The Kazakh people survived both war and famine. In spite of all the hardships, they never got discouraged. It's easy to go to another country or sit at home and say that everything has already been decided for me. I could have done the same thing. But here I am at 8:00 p.m. today, leaving my sick child, who is just over a year old, at home. It wasn't from doing nothing. A woman always thinks of her loved ones first and then only of herself, especially a mother. How many mothers there are today who can't retire on time. Personally, I wish that my son would come back alive and healthy from the army, and that my children would become scientists and work for the good of our country," Oksana Aubakirova said.
The party representative said she did not want to work until she was 63, but wanted to be a model grandmother and raise the younger generation.

"This desire is not only mine, but that of many mothers. We live in a village, not far from the capital. There is no gas, no water. What can we demand from a population that uses imported water every day? Does anyone today think about people with special needs, paralyzed children, autistic children? Sick children who have parents can somehow still be socialized into society. But what about those without parents? Could there be future Einsteins among them? By the way, Einstein was also autistic. Today I come out here with great hope," said Oksana Aubakirova.

She also added that the head of state announced a plan of political reforms.
"We have a Constitutional Court, an Ombudsman, the conditions for registration of political parties have been changed, two new parties have appeared. Non-partisan citizens got back their constitutional right to be elected; hundreds of citizens of the country nominated their candidates in single-mandate constituencies to the maslikhats and Mazhilis. The People's Party of Kazakhstan protects the rights of common people, mothers and women with many children, children, youth and young families. This is the party of miners and metallurgists; millions of workers stand behind us," emphasized Oksana Aubakirova.

The Nationwide Social Democratic Party proposes to create a people's parliament by introducing a presidential-parliamentary system of government.

"Our goal is to increase the welfare of the people. That is why we are going to the elections. Our country needs the ideas of social democracy. We need to continue political reforms. We need to pass laws for the people. We propose to introduce a presidential-parliamentary system of government, create a people's parliament, dissolve the Senate, and systematically fight corruption. We need to investigate and return the funds stolen from the country and hidden in offshore companies. We demand to return the processing and export of natural resources to the state," said the Chairman of Capital Branch of the Nationwide Social-Democratic Party Nurlan Auesbayev.

In addition, the Social Democrats promise to provide social support to every citizen.

"It is necessary to adopt standards for the standard of living of citizens. That is, conduct a study and implement a special program. The program will take into account the basic needs of people. The following issues are important for us: free education and medicine, construction of schools, hospitals and other social facilities, revision and improvement of housing programs. It is necessary to improve the condition of the villages. We must raise the fight against corruption and oligarchs to the national level. Civil servants must be obliged to file a declaration of income. We must not give way to illicit wealth. We must lower interest rates on bank loans, and we must transfer ownership of our energy and housing facilities to the state. Also in our election program, we demand that we be included in the interdepartmental commission for the return of illegally withdrawn funds from the country. This should be regulated by a special law," he said.

Earlier, televised debates between representatives of seven political parties were held on the national television channel Qazaqstan. Also TV debates were organized on KTK channel. Early parliamentary elections will be held on March 19.