Transparent and Trustworthy Elections Mark a New Era in Voting Process – Ilyas Imamzarov

March 19, 2023

Ilyas Imamzarov
Student at Kazakh Abylai Khan University
of International Relations and World languages

Faculty of International Relations
Member of the Young Experts Platform
at the Public Academy of Political Science (PAPS)

I think elections have become more open. Conferences are being held, there are more parties and more ideological-informational struggle between them.

From what I see, there is more openness, a larger scale, the advertising of the elections literally surrounded me everywhere. The feeling that politics itself is knocking on my door, the current elections have become more tangible.
The single-mandate district elections have intensified political competition and given the election campaign a new quality. First of all it is a competition of personalities. Whoever personally challenges the voters' trust the most, wins.

I would especially like to note the importance of party participation in the elections. All 7 parties reflected a diverse range of opinions and political projects, from nationalist-patriots, socialists and leftists to the right-wing bourgeoisie. For the first time, the opposition NSDP and two new parties - Baitak and Respublika took part in the elections.

It seems to me that all this makes the political system more flexible and gives independent non-partisan candidates more opportunities. I think that most likely it will affect the strengthening of independent candidates from districts, the degree of satisfaction of the needs of residents to see new faces in the Mazhilis, who previously did not belong to any political force.

Political competition has become more real than before. Political pluralism has increased. There are other aspects of political life in our country: human rights, freedom of speech, assembly, etc. To better protect human rights, the Constitutional Court has been re-established and is taking its first steps.

There is a gradual decentralization of power, the role of the regional authorities is increasing, the rigid hand of the center is weakening, the political consciousness of the population and, consequently, of the country as a whole, is evidently growing. If it works well in practice, this is a very good innovation, it gives more power to its main source - the people.

I agree that people have become more involved in the electoral process, due to its greater openness.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center