The nomination of candidates for deputies of the Mazhilis and maslikhats has ended

February 9, 2023

Deputy Head of the Central Election Commission Konstantin Petrov said that today the lower house of the legislature consists of 98 deputies, 69 of whom are elected by party lists, 29 - by single-mandate territorial constituencies. Seven political parties will participate in the elections.
"The People's Party of Kazakhstan presented 52 candidates, the Ak Zhol Democratic Party - 54 candidates, the NSDP - 19 candidates, the Baytaq Green Party - 18 candidates, the Auyl - 25 candidates, the Respublica Party - 25 candidates, the Amanat party - 90 candidates" the deputy chairman said. The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan Konstantin Petrov.

283 candidates are registered in the party lists. The nomination of candidates for deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament ended on Wednesday at 18.00. According to the Central Election Commission, 609 people were nominated for single-mandate districts. Of these, 79 candidates are from seven political parties, five are from four public associations, and the rest are self-nominees.