The CEC has registered the lists of the People's Party of Kazakhstan

February 11, 2023

The PPK presented a party list of 52 people. The number of women, youth representatives and persons with disabilities in the list is 17, which is 32.7% of the total number included in the list.
The members of the commission unanimously voted for the registration of the party list of the People's Party of Kazakhstan. As a result, the party received registration to participate in the elections to the Mazhilis.

Political parties that have put forward party lists make an election contribution to the CEC account from the party's funds, amounting to 15 minimum wages (1,050,000 tenge) for each person included in the list.
The election fee is not paid by parties that received 5% or more of the votes in the previous elections to the Mazhilis.

In the elections of deputies of the Mazhilis held in January 2021, the NPC received 9.1% of the votes, in this regard, the NPC is exempt from paying the election fee.