The CEC has registered candidates for elections from the NSDP

February 13, 2023

The NSDP nominated 19 people. All of them, according to the conclusion of the commission, meet the requirements. The party paid a contribution of 1 million 50 thousand tenge. This is 15 times the minimum wage for everyone who was included in the list of candidates.
"19 candidates are on the party list. 6 candidates are running in single-mandate districts, so we practically cover the whole of Kazakhstan.

As for the quota of 30% for the representation of women, youth and persons with disabilities, we have fully complied, which together amounted to 31% of our list," Chairman of the National Social Democratic Party Askhat Rakhimzhanov said.

Previously, the Social Democratic Party was not represented in the Mazhilis, as it did not gain the required number of votes.