Survey Reveals How Kazakhstanis Prepare for Elections

March 3, 2023

Apparently, Kazakhstanis are closely watching the election campaign. As voters themselves told us, some of them intend to support young candidates and others - literate ones. But some Almaty citizens will not only vote but will go to the polling stations to watch the process. How the electorate prepares for the elections is in our poll.

“We are going to the elections. Because we want to live here, in this country. We want to have a good country. On March 19, we want all citizens to go and vote. Because the deputies that we elect, they will decide and will make decisions for further economic growth. We want to see competent people who care about their country.”

“Renewal is coming, we see it, we feel it. We all have to be supportive. Because this is our homeland, first of all, where we are special participants, the people of this country. The people of Kazakhstan deserve to live with dignity. And that's where we need to work - and go to the polls.”

“I don't just vote, I usually also take part as an observer in elections. There's a lot of people now who have stepped up and want to take part in the life of the country. We should vote to give them that opportunity. I would like to see a prosperous country, for our children to be successful. For there to be an opportunity to get an education. That there be full access to health care.”

“We believe in our President. We're sure that this program he's running now, it's only going to improve our country. Let's go to the polls as a family. It is the duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan. And let us make our choice. You should not be afraid of the young. They are more ambitious; they are more advanced. The most important thing for us in Kazakhstan is that everything works out peacefully, that it's applicable to life.”

“Kazakhstan is moving in the right direction. The right policy, a good policy. I go to the polls because I care about the fate of our country. To elect young, promising, intelligent and talented deputies. If we all move together, of course, there will be New Kazakhstan, everything will happen.”