Surprising Campaign Strategies Used by Candidates to Reach Voters in Kazakhstan's Regions

February 23, 2023

Representatives of the parties went to the regions of Kazakhstan to convince citizens to vote for them in the upcoming elections of deputies of the Mazhilis and maslikhats.

The coordinator of the Atyrau regional headquarters of the Baitak party met with the staff of West DALA LLP, an enterprise for the collection, transportation and processing of waste. The importance of the upcoming campaign and the party's election program were explained to the employees of the partnership. Acute issues of the region were raised, ways of their solution were worked out.

Candidates from the NSDP running on both party and single-mandate lists recently held a meeting with voters in the Akmola region of Kazakhstan. During the meeting, they engaged with voters on various issues, particularly focusing on problems in the healthcare system. Representatives of the NSDP called for improving the quality of medical care for citizens, revising the MSHI system, expanding the list of medical services provided to citizens on a free basis.

As part of the pre-election tour, the leaders and members of the Republica party came to Konayev. A meeting with the population took place here, during which representatives of the association answered people's direct questions about what changes the party plans to improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

Candidates to Mazhilis from the Auyl party met with the labor collective of May JSC in the East Kazakhstan region. May is one of the country's first and largest sunflower oil production plants in Central Asia.

Representatives of the People's Party of Kazakhstan (NPK) conducted pre-election campaigning in Astana, Almaty, Abai, North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Zhetysu, West Kazakhstan regions. Members of the staff presented the party's program. The chairman of the party Ermukhamet Yertysbayev went to the Karaganda region.

Mass media representatives visited the Republican election headquarters of the AMANAT. The Executive Secretary of the party familiarized them with the activities of the centers of agitation and coordination of candidates, the public reception, the media headquarters, the coworking area, as well as the headquarters of the youth sector.

The Aq Jol Democratic Party also continues meetings within the framework of the campaign. The agitation group held a meeting with the labor collective of the Mareven Food Company. During the meeting, the leader of Aq Jol spoke about the priorities of the party's political program. The speaker provided detailed insight on the issues of fair competition, social policy, the fight against corruption, last year's constitutional reform and the return to the country of funds illegally exported abroad.