Representatives of Seven Parties Running for the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan held Televised Debates

March 3, 2023

In the first round the opponents presented their election programs.
The parties promise the people of Kazakhstan:

-fight injustice and oligopolies;
-eradicate corruption;
-raise the status of ordinary workers;
-raise the level of education and medicine;
-to return real power to the Mazhilis and Maslikhats.

"There are practically no high patriotic matter among theses. Party strategists are well aware of what really worries the deep Kazakh people. The socio-economic situation, inflation, jobs, wages, living standards. The rest will solve itself," political observer Gaziz Abishev wrote in his blog.

As the discussion began, the opponents began to ask each other pointed questions.

"Your party has been on top for 20 years. You have financial, administrative resources. You slept for 20 years and now you want to go to parliament again, what do you intend to do there?" - Nurlan Auesbayev, chairman of the Astana city branch of the PSDP, asked Yelnur Beisenbayev, executive secretary of Amanat.

"We have implemented the 20-year program, we have developed a roadmap to implement it. First of all, we raised the status of teachers, raised the salaries of teachers and medics, raised scholarships, and gave 10,000 grants to students. And where were you when the situation was difficult in Ekibastuz, Kostanay Region? "Beisenbayev retorted. He concluded, that PSDP won't be able to win and get into the Parliament this time, too.
It is worth noting, that from time to time people who were discussing switched to an elevated tone. Berik Duysenbinov, a representative of Aq Jol, complained to Nurlan Auesbaev that the party, claiming to be the opposition, boycotted the previous elections.

"Then (in 2019 - Sputnik) there were strict requirements and then our candidate did not pass, in the 2021 Mazhilis elections we knew that there would not be fair elections, and we did not take part," answered Nurlan Auesbaev, chairman of the city branch of the PSDP. He added that because of this, the party did not take part in the spectacle then, and believes that it did the right thing.

"As we build the business, so we will build the state. We did not take or ask for money from the state. We worked ourselves, we paid taxes. We came from a business . We helped Maktaaral during the COVID" said Syrymbek Tau, co-chairman of Respublica, when asked by Zhiguli Dairabayev, who asked how the small party was going to get into the Mazhilis.

Tau noted that the Respublica declared 277 members and stressed that it was the youngest party with an average age of 37. According to him, there are also many women among his fellow party members.

Toward the end of the debate, a representative of the Baitak party presented the People's Party with a twist for cans. “Your ideology is a political conservative,” Azamatkhan Amirtayev said.

It should be reminded that the pre-election debate was attended by representatives of seven parties running for election:
Yelnur Beisenbayev, executive secretary of the Amanat party,
Zhiguli Dairabaev, deputy chairman of the Auyl party,
Syrymbek Tau, co-chairman of the Respublica Party,
Askhat Asylbekov, deputy chairman of the People's Party of Kazakhstan, Azamatkhan Amirtayev, chairman of the Baitak Green Party,
Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Aq Jol Party Berik Dyusembinov, Chairman of Astana city branch of the People’s Social Democratic Party Nurlan Auesbayev.