Why Elections are So Important

February 21, 2023

Real democratization and liberalization of political life is a long term process.

Propaganda of many autocratic regimes often tells us that "western politicians live from election to election, they do not think about state interests", and this is really interesting thesis to analyze.

On the one hand, it means that any political actor can secure victory on the wave of using the "fashionable" agenda at the time. On the other hand, it is of course speculation, leveling the factor of real demand of the society for the content and quality of policy of their country, and the main thing - the influence of society and the real right of political choice.

Exactly for this reason Kazakhstan today is really a unique case. And this uniqueness, at least on the level of professional community, should be defined correctly. Recognizing the fallacy of the "economics first, politics second" approach against the background of a multidimensional crisis in world politics, global security architecture, economics and trade, we have chosen a course on strengthening political institutions.

Why are institutions important? Strategically, because they are not linked to individual political figures. Political institutions are what they were hundreds of years ago and will be hundreds of years from now. And in terms of institutions and procedures, it is important for us to have a legitimate political institution whose activities will reflect and realize public demand.
This was ultimately the essence of constitutional reform in the referendum on amendments to the republic's constitution. March 19 elections to Mazhilis of the Parliament were initiated precisely for this purpose.

As the person whose specialization is comparative democratization studies, I can confidently tell: participation is million times better than political inertness and life "out of politics". Yet the wise people of our country observe examples of such inertia and its consequences in various parts of the world every day online.

That is why elections, regardless of political views, are important to us as a nation and society.

Source: Kapzravda