Public Academy of Political Science Established a Platform of Young Experts

February 24, 2023

A platform of young experts aimed at brainstorming on topical issues of applied political science was created on the basis of the Public Academy of Political Science (PAPS) in Almaty.

Yerzhan Babakumarov, academician of the Public Academy of Political Science told about the objectives of the project of the Academy: "The platform is called to unite young experts in the sphere of political sciences on the basis of common professional interests and to provide them with the methodological, informational support and promotion in the expert field of our country and abroad.

Earlier, the objectives and tasks of this new platform were discussed in detail at an assembly of the Academy of Political Science of Kazakhstan, taking into account the political liberalisation of the country and the new stage of state building.

Young experts, from among graduates of relevant universities, master's and doctoral students, advanced students will be able to improve their skills through various cycles of presentations, from brainstorming to their own developments with the participation of experienced academic political scientists-mentors.

At the Platform meetings, young experts will be able to publicly test their work and enhance their skills in discussions with peers and leading national scholars.

Platform participants will also be able to learn the basics of analytical work and report writing based on real cases through public presentation and use of the results in academic work (e.g. writing and defending dissertations, etc.).

All participants of the PAPS Young Expert Platform will receive an appropriate professional development certificate and recommendations for publication of their research in top-rated international journals, assistance in approbation of scientific developments.

The first pilot presentation of the Platform took place in Almaty on the theme: "Trends in the development of the party-political field in Kazakhstan: theoretical approaches and applied problems".

Young experts Sharip Ishmukhamedov and Yeskhat Maden presented their work.

Yeskhat Maden presented analysis of the state of party-political system at the current stage of development of the country, program guidelines, with which parties go to parliamentary elections in 2023, peculiarities of election campaigns, role of opposition parties for development of party competition, risk zones and growth points of parties in conditions of democratization of political system and expansion of citizens' participation in public life.

Sharip Ishmukhamedov raised issues of full functioning of the party system, an ideal model to strive for and the one that developed in the country within the political realities of the First Republic with the super-presidential system of power. The ongoing political reforms, the liberalisation of the electoral legislation and the new elections should help the parties to acquire a new quality and really express and protect the interests of the people. Only capable parties that really express the interests of social groups and solve problems are able to overcome political apathy. This is the main vector of changing the role of parties in the new political system of the Second Republic and what society is waiting for from parties.

Young experts - students of Turan University, S. Sayatbek, A. Abdrakhmanov, and student of Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, I. Imamzarov took part in the discussions.

The Director of the Centre for Political Researches of the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies, PhD Amrebayev, Professor, Doctor of Political Science Borbasov, Doctor of Political Science Buluktayev, Doctor of Philosophy Kadyrzhanov, Doctor of Political Science Junusov participated in the exchange of views.