Ministry of Information and Social Development Announced the Terms of Election Campaigning and Online Platforms

February 20, 2023

A press conference in support of women leaders for the Mazhilis elections was held in Almaty. Female candidates told about their plans for the development of the country and their intentions to improve the quality of life of ordinary people of Kazakhstan.

League of Women's Solidarity "Zhiger" Unites Kazakhstan Women Leaders at Press Conference in Almaty. Akmaral Shatemirkyzy, a Teacher from Constituency No. 3, Khalida Azhigulova, an Ombudsperson for Children from Constituency No. 4, Aida Alzhanova, a National Expert on Women's Rights from Constituency No. 5, and Ayman Tursynkhan, an Economist from Constituency No. 11 in Almaty Region Attend."

The candidates gathered to talk about the priorities of their programs to develop the country, improve the quality of life of the population and ensure the basic rights and freedoms of citizens of Kazakhstan.

"I believe that laws should be passed in the interests of the people, not oligarchs or corrupt officials. Also, as a lawyer, I believe that any law and any state program must be based on scientific arguments, and not on the desires of a certain group of people, - the first speaker Khalida Azhigulova spoke briefly and glibly.

She also pointed out that Kazakhstan will achieve the best changes if the country has a sufficient number of women at all levels of government decision-making.

"We really need more women in politics at all levels: in parliament, in politics, especially in the power bloc. I believe that the best of the best should come to parliament," concluded Khalida Azhigulova, the Children's Rights Commissioner from District 4.

Aida Alzhanova, according to her comrades-in-arms, is the only one who has conducted research on women's political leadership in Kazakhstan. The candidate believes that the inclusion of women in decision-making processes will change the economic situation in the country for the better.
"The main resource of any country is human capital, in our country education is equally available to both gender, and this is the main investment of any country. According to my statistics, women in Kazakhstan have a higher percentage of academic degrees, but at the same time we see very few women at the decision-making level," says Alzhanova.

Aida Alzhanova believes that for men and women there are several different barriers to active participation in the economy, one of which is gender stereotypes that divide professions into male and female. This, she says, hinders creativity and innovation, which are important factors in the development of the economy in the modern world.

Alzhanova also spoke about domestic violence, which destroys the traditional Kazakh families. Thus, 1 million children in the country are brought up by only one parent, of whom 700,000 are brought up by their mothers. The candidate is running in order to solve these problems and make all the laws of the country work for people of both gender and ages, their families and society equally.

The candidates are unanimous in their belief that a woman can empathize with society's problems and effectively solve them.