President: Population Supported Our Initiatives

March 22, 2023

President attends Nauryz celebrations

The Head of State took part in the Nauryz celebrations. In his speech, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev congratulated all Kazakhstanis on this wonderful holiday.

" Since ancient times our forefathers celebrated Nauryz, the holiday symbolizing the spring and the beginning of new year. In fact exactly at this time equinox of day and night is established, and winter frosts and a cold retreat under rays of a spring sun.

This is a wonderful time of rebirth of nature and restoration of vital forces. For our people Nauryz has always been a symbol of prosperity. On this day, those who were in quarrels forgave each other and made peace. The hearts of people were filled with kindness and mercy. The aksakals shared their warm wishes with young people at a common dastarkhan. Our ancestors considered Nauryz a holiday of labor and creation. In these spring days they cleaned springs, planted trees. In a word, Nauryz was considered the harbinger of renewal," the President said.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev reminded that exactly one year ago he proclaimed a large-scale modernization in the country in all spheres.

"The population supported our initiatives. During the year we have successfully realized everything we planned. During the referendum key amendments have been made to the Constitution. Serious political steps have been taken aimed at renewal of the power system. The day before, elections to the Majilis and Maslikhats were held; they were a very important step in advancing all of our reforms. These elections were a worthy continuation of large-scale changes. In other words, a new political milestone in the country's development has begun. It is symbolic that this historic moment coincided with the celebration of Nauryz. Today's appearance of New Kazakhstan fully corresponds to the spirit and character of the spring holiday. During the days of the great national holiday our country was considerably transformed. A complete renewal of the political system will give a powerful impetus to the development of our state. The implemented reforms open the way to economic growth and increase the incomes of the population. The reforms will certainly continue. We will become a comprehensively developed and strong state. This is our main goal.

The President expressed confidence that the people of Kazakhstan will have a bright future. He stressed that the interests of the state are above all. Noting that the country's future is in the hands of the younger generation, he called on all of his countrymen to contribute to the country's development.

"It's not for nothing that they say: strength in unity. If we maintain harmony and unity in society, we will achieve our key goal - to build a fair Kazakhstan. We must unite and show solidarity on the way to achieving our common goal. This year the start of the holy month of Ramazan coincides with Nauryz Meiramy. May all thoughts come true for those who keep the fast of Oraza! May peace and welfare come to our homes! Let Nauryz holiday bring us only happiness and joy! Ulys on bolsyn! Aq mol bolsyn!" - said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

The President took part in the charity event "Zhurek zhyluy". During the action, which is held during March, help is rendered to socially unprotected groups of population, requests and wishes with which large families, people with special needs and pensioners addressed in their letters are fulfilled.
Volunteers asked the head of state to choose one of the letters from the trunk. After reading the letter, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said that the wish of its author will be fulfilled. In addition, the President expressed his gratitude to the young people who organized this charity event.

The head of state also attended the Zheti Qazyna event at the Argymak equestrian sports and recreation complex.

Bolat Kunanbaev, Chairman of the National Hunting Club Nomad Public Fund told Kassym-Jomart Tokayev about the work on restoration and breeding of national and rare breeds of dogs.

The head of state noted the importance of popularizing the tazy at the international level.

"The tazy greyhound is a special animal. This dog was considered by the Kazakhs as one of the seven treasures. We must popularize tazy and tobet breeds in international arena. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be involved in this work. Tazy requires special care and concern, and a professional approach is important in this case. For this purpose, we have adopted a special law," he stressed.

Kasym-Jomart Tokayev was shown a show of horseback riders Nomad Stunts. The stuntmen demonstrated the Kazakh national games - audaryspaq, kyz kuu, tenge ilu, sadak atu, as well as the Nomad Parade.
The Head of the group, Jaidarbek Kunguzhinov, told the President that in 2020 he won the prestigious Taurus World Stunt Awards.

The Head of State wished success to the members of the Nomad Stunts group, who promote the national sport in the world cinema, and presented Zhaydarbek Kungozhinov with a saddle.

In continuation of the festive program, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev attended a concert of national masters of art dedicated to the works of composer Shamshi Kaldayakov.

The famous singers Roza Rymbaeva, Maira Mukhamedkyzy, Meirambek Bespaev, Rukhiya Baydukenova, Alisher Karimov, Kanat and Svetlana Aitbayev, as well as Astana variety-symphony orchestra, soloists of Musical Theatre of Young Spectators and other workers of art performed his favorite hits and compositions of the famous composer on the stage of Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall. As the guest of honor the concert was also attended by the wife of the composer Zhamilya Kaldayakov, and his son Mukhtar and granddaughter Aisulu Kaldayakovs performed with a musical number.

Source: Akorda