Political Parties to Participate in TV Debates on March 1 and 16 on Qazaqstan and Khabar Channels

February 28, 2023

TV debates between the political parties will be held on March 1, 2023 on Qazaqstan TV channel within the framework of the early elections to Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Representatives of all 7 parties taking part in the elections will take part in the debates.

Debates will be held in 4 stages, each stage includes mutual debates of the parties.

Representatives of each political association are expected to participate: Amanat party will be represented by executive secretary Elnur Beisenbayev, Auyl will be represented by party deputy chairman Zhiguli Dairabayev, Respublica will be represented by party co-chairman Syrymbek Tau, the Popular Party of Kazakhstan will be represented by party deputy chairman Askhat Asylbekov, Azamatkhan Amirtaev, the chairman of political union, will represent the Baitak party, Serik Duisenbinov, the deputy chairman of the Aq Jol party, Nurlan Auesbaev, the chairman of Astana city branch of PPK will represent the Nationwide Social Democratic Party at the debates.

Live broadcast will take place on March 1, beginning at 20:30. The debates will also be broadcast live on the official accounts of the Qazaqstan channel on YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram.

Also, in accordance with the law On Elections, the Central Election Commission organizes debates of political parties participating in the elections.

The next televised debate is scheduled for March 16 and will be broadcast on the Khabar TV channel.

It should be reminded that 63 million tenge is allocated for holding election debates of political parties. Those who run in single-mandate districts cover the costs of the debates in full themselves.

The CEC also reported that 12,032,550 people will be able to vote in the election of deputies to Mazhilis.

Source: election.gov.kz