• Amanat Party
    The ruling and largest political party in Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1999.
  • The Respublica Party
    A party operating in Kazakhstan.
    It was officially registered
    on January 18 , 2023.
  • The Ak Zhol Party
    Defines itself as a "constructive opposition". Registered on April 3 , 2002.
  • People's Party of Kazakhstan
    Expresses the political will of workers, the unemployed, pensioners and young people.
  • Auyl Party
    The party was formed on September 5, 2015 as a result of the merger of the Auyl Party and the Party of Patriots of Kazakhstan.
  • National Social Democratic Party
    The party was established on September 10, 2006, registered on January 25, 2007.
  • The Green Party Baytak
    Green Reformist
    political party.