Party Competition is the Key Element of Current Election Campaign - Yerlan Karin

February 24, 2023

Prerequisites for the current elections were established back in March 2022, when the President in his Address offered a program of radical political reforms, said State Advisor Yerlan Karin.

"In less than a year, conditions for real party competition were created; citizens got an opportunity to independently stand for elections to Parliament and maslikhats.

This is evidenced by the election statistics:
1) All seven political parties take part in the parliamentary elections, two of which were registered after the amendment of the party legislation.
Therefore, it is the party competition that is the key element of the current election campaign.
2) A total of 892 candidates were nominated to the Mazhilis from party lists and single-mandate districts (an average of nine candidates per mandate).
Participation of such a great number of public figures and civil activists (including those who usually speak from critical positions) witnesses about the trust and support to the current course of reforms", - said Yerlan Karin.

"The high public support for all the changes taking place in the country, all the innovations and reforms of the government is also confirmed by sociological data. According to the last survey of Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Research 71.7% of Kazakhstan people think that the country is moving in the right direction", - summed up the State Advisor.

Source: Kazinform