Parliamentary Elections Gave Hope for the Future – Maden Eskhat

March 19, 2023

Maden Eskhat
Master's student in International Relations Department of UIB,
Academy of Social and Political Sciences
Participant of the Platform of Young Experts

It is true that after the tragic January events, President Tokayev is making some political changes in our country. I think that the holding of the referendum, the repeal of the law "On Elbasy" deserves a positive assessment. The parliamentary elections gave hope with some peculiarities: in accordance with the constitutional law On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan, candidates were elected according to the proportional-majority system.

609 candidates were registered for the election of Deputies of the Mazhilis of the parliament. 21 candidates competed for one mandate. There was no such competition in the previous elections in Kazakhstan. This situation is the first step towards a change in the political system in our country, and it can be assessed as positive.

The elections to the Mazhilis and maslikhats were given the opportunity to take part in the elections of citizens who think critically, express their opinions without fear, are statesmen, innovators, know the interests of society and the people and fight for them.

668 deputies are elected in regional maslikhats. Half of them are elected from single-seat districts, the other half are elected from the party's list. This situation can also be assessed as a good phenomenon.

The hope is strong that there will be more deputies in regional maslikhats, independent of individual parties, who will voluntarily fight for their opinions. If such citizens are elected to the maslikhat, it is clear that the voice of the people will be heard not on the street, but in front of local authorities.

Maslikhat is a body of local representatives representing the interests of the population in each region and city. Deputies of the maslikhat approve the local budget, check where it is spent, draw up a program for the development of the region, approve the main and development plan. That is, their task is to protect the interests of the people. If the role of the body that controls local authorities continues to increase, the opinion of the defenders of the interests of the people will continue to be important for local authorities and will be reckoned with. This leads to the direct benefit of the population.

Until now, we have not understood how to appeal deputies, especially those who have deprived the mandate of a maslikhat deputy, and even the legislation does not specify exactly which body regulates the procedure for filing complaints. And now a deputy who did not fulfill his promise and did not defend the interests of the people can be removed from his seat, which means that one end of power will be in the hands of the people. The people can elect and remove it. This is a positive phenomenon.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center