Over 700 thousand Voters Registered in Karaganda Region

March 3, 2023

Karaganda Region is actively preparing for the upcoming elections to Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Maslikhats of all levels. As of today 761,5 thousand voters have been registered in the Karaganda Region. Of these, 13,000 will be voting for the first time.

A joint session of the Karaganda Region Election Commission with the representatives of the state bodies was held. Akims of cities and districts as well as representatives of different departments reported on the readiness for the upcoming elections.

There are 863 election commissions in the region: regional, territorial, district and precinct ones.

As of today, 761.5 thousand voters have been registered in the region. 13,000 people will be voting for the first time in these elections. Voter lists are still being compiled.

"A total of 665 candidates have been registered in the region, including 21 candidates to the Mazhilis in two single-mandate districts. 644 people are running for the maslikhats of all levels. The average number of candidates per deputy mandate is 3.4," said the Chairman of the Regional Election Commission, Kairat Nurkenov.

As explained by the chairman of the regional election commission, voters will be given five ballots. Blanks will be of different colors. Blue ballots are to choose deputies of the Mazhilis according to party lists, and green ballots for single-mandate constituencies. Ballots for voting in the regional maslikhat will be purple and orange, and for voting in the city and district maslikhats - gray.

Yermaganbet Bulekpaev gave instructions to equip polling stations.
"In accordance with the legislation, akimats passed voter lists to polling stations. The work on the inclusion of certain categories of people in the voter base was carried out first: these are students, rotational workers, military personnel. It is important to ensure that citizens are informed about the opportunities to exercise their right to vote.

It is necessary to strengthen the explanatory work. Ensuring accessibility of polling stations for people with disabilities is of special attention, "- said the akim of the region.

The number of voters with disabilities is 50,485 people. Among them, there are people with special needs: wheelchair users, the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and the deaf-mute. For all categories of people there are appropriate conditions in the polling stations.

To check oneself in the voter list, citizens are provided with several ways: on the websites of akimats, and by calling the service Senim109.

Registered candidates are campaigning, which will end at 00:00 on March 18. March 18 is the day of silence. March 19 - election day.

Source: inform.kz