Over 170 Candidates Withdraw from Mazhilis Election Race

February 20, 2023

On February 18th at 6:00 PM, the Central Election Commission announced the completion of candidate registrations for deputies. One person voluntarily withdrew their candidacy, and three others were rejected due to inaccuracies in their submitted declarations.
"Based on the reports provided by the district election commissions it was established that out of 609 nominated candidates 435 candidates were registered, 45 were withdrawn before registration on the basis of personal applications, 125 candidates were denied registration and the registration of four candidates was cancelled," the CEC said in its report.

Overall, 609 candidates were nominated from 29 single-mandate constituencies for the elections to the Majilis of the Parliament: 79 candidates from seven political parties, five candidates from four public associations, and 525 or 86.21% of the candidates were self-nominated.

As a result, 435 candidates were registered in 29 electoral districts (15 people per mandate). The biggest competition was 41 and 42 candidates per seat in Astana as well as 37, 33, 34 candidates in Almaty.

The smallest was five candidates in Turkestan region constituency #25.

359 candidates (82.53%) are self-nominated, 76 candidates (17.47%) are running from political parties. Of the registered candidates, 350 (80.46 percent) are men, 85 (19.54 percent) are women. The average age of candidates is 49.34. Among the candidates are representatives of 10 ethnic groups.