Opinions of Astana Residents on the Upcoming Elections

March 3, 2023

Most of Kazakhstan people surveyed by us say that they have not yet made their choice. But they assure that they are actively studying agitation programs of candidates and parties. So what do they expect from the new Mazhilis, the residents of the capital will tell today.

- We have to choose in order to live well. It's not just a matter of saying so; you need a programme which our people and our citizens, pensioners, teenagers and children will support, and you need to move forward according to this programme.
- For the sake of the new Kazakhstan, for the sake of our generation growing up to change, so that we change first, then our country.

- What should the new deputies do?
- Think about the people, and above all, think about what the people want. We want to see such deputies.
- I think we need to, because it depends on us what awaits us, our future, and what awaits our children.
- Of course, we have positive hopes for the future of our republic.

- I see a lot of hope, now there are changes, all the same New Kazakhstan, so let's hope everything will be fine. We know that everything will be fine, there is no doubt.

Source: khabar.kz