Nurlan Abdirov Assesses Election Preparedness in Southern Regions of the Republic

March 14, 2023

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Nurlan Abdirov continued his inspection visits to the regions as part of the preparation and conduct of elections to the Mazhilis of the Parliament and Maslikhats of Kazakhstan.

On March 9, in Kyzylorda Region, the Head of the Central Election Commission held a multilateral seminar-meeting with the members of territorial election commission and heads of state bodies.
Secretary of the Central Election Commission Mukhtar Erman and responsible officials of the apparatus of the CEC also took part in the working visit.

The heads of the law enforcement bodies, heads of the branch offices and departments, members of the territorial election commission, representatives of the candidates' election headquarters, representatives of the OSCE ODIHR long-term election observation mission Veronika Kuralt (Slovenia) and Roman David Magri (Switzerland), as well as representatives of the media were invited to the event.

In his opening speech, Nurlan Abdirov, noting the importance of the current election campaign, elaborated on the novelties of the election laws and the main results of the stages of nomination and registration of candidates from single-mandate territorial constituencies and political parties.

The representatives of the regional Akimat, Prosecutor's Office, Police, Department of Employment and Social Programs and the Chairman of the Territorial Election Commission reported on the work on the elections.
Nurlan Abdirov drew the special attention of the members of the commission to the compulsory knowledge of the rules of behavior at the polling stations on the day of voting and emphasized that all the participants of the election process including observers, trustees of candidates and mass media should be obligatory acquainted with the content of these rules from the moment of their arrival at the room for voting.

During the meeting, Shakhmardan Baimanov, head of the region's Akim's Office, said that 486,002 citizens are on the voter list in the region.
He also reported that there are 20,324 voters with disabilities in the region. All necessary conditions have been created for them. So, 368 out of 373 polling stations are included in republican interactive map of accessibility.
In the region 466 places for billboards, 268 places for printed materials and 169 premises for meetings with voters are allocated for placing campaign materials of the candidates.

The work on rendering of consultative assistance and informing of voters is being carried out.

In addition to call centers, a service "Check yourself in the voter lists" (, where voters can enter their IIN to find out the location of their polling station, was launched to clarify the voting precinct of citizens.
In addition, there is an opportunity to check yourself in the voter lists via telegram bot and mobile application "Smart Qyzylorda".

To install the online service to check on the day of voting the information on the place of registration of citizens on the egov portal, 169 polling stations have been identified.

In addition, in order to exercise the right to vote of citizens without registration, at five polling stations in Kyzylorda city citizens will be able to vote by registering temporarily at the polling station address. At these polling stations there will be staff of CECs and an interactive board will be available, with the help of which voters will be able to receive services on their own.

The polling stations are fully equipped with the necessary technical facilities (additional computer, stable Internet network, printer, web-camera, etc.).
The head of the regional department of employment and social programs Gabit Zhanabayev added that in the day of elections, 34 cabs and 42 sign language interpreters will serve persons with disabilities.

On the questions of supervision over observance of legality during the election campaign, as well as ensuring law and order and public security on the voting day, the deputy public prosecutor of the region, Nurbolat Duisenbayev, and the first deputy head of the regional police department, Shamshidin Amitov, spoke at the meeting.

At the end of session, Chairman of CEC called all participants of electoral process in the region to make all efforts for realization of forthcoming elections in strict conformity with requirements of the law.

The second part of the seminar-meeting was a business game "Election Day", which simulated the algorithm of the work of election commissions directly on election day.

The business game was attended by the students of Korkyt-ata University, studying law. The members of the election commissions showed the peculiarities of the electoral process and the order of voting. It is noteworthy that students of universities were involved in the practical seminar, because it will form the electoral culture among young people.

Then the CEC Chairman met with members of the territorial election commission. During the trip he answered numerous questions and gave a number of instructions.

At the end of the trip Nurlan Abdirov got acquainted with the work of polling station No. 207 located in Kyzylorda.

Here the chairman was presented the service "Check yourself in the voter list" and demonstrated the capabilities of the platform
On March 10, Nurlan Abdirov visited Turkestan oblast, where he also familiarized himself with the work of election commissions and inspected the readiness of polling stations for the voting day.

The meeting, chaired by Nurlan Abdirov, was attended by members of territorial election commissions, workers of state bodies, representatives of candidates' election headquarters, mass media, and also representatives of the OSCE ODIHR long-term election observation mission Justina Rudminayte (Lithuania), Valery Amisulashvili (Georgia) and the "Coalition of Public Observers "Golos".

Deputy Akim of the region Beisenbay Tazhibaev informed that 1 million 176 thousand 658 voters are registered in the region. There are 941 polling stations.

To inform the population, a unified call-center 109 and 17 call-center in the akimats of cities and districts operates.

In order to increase electoral activity of the population, 1,575 banners were placed in the region. Also in places with high concentration of the population (public service centers, youth resource centers, bus stations, shopping centers, markets, houses of culture, etc.) information videos are regularly broadcast.

There have been determined 646 places for placement of printed campaign materials of the candidates and 330 places for meetings of the candidates with the voters.

He also informed that there are 97 600 citizens with disabilities in the region, 20 122 of whom need special conditions on election day, including 3099 people in wheelchairs, 2664 with total loss of vision and 2316 with total loss of hearing and speech. As of today all polling stations in the region have been adapted to accommodate people with disabilities. On the day of elections in the region there will be working 43 invachachis and 50 social cabs. In addition, the services of 114 sign language specialists are planned to be arranged. All polling stations are provided with one permanent and 2 mobile ballot boxes.

Nurlan Abdirov emphasized that ensuring the voting rights of citizens with disabilities is a very important issue. For them, the polling stations should be provided with special corners equipped with additional lighting, special equipment and technical facilities, as well as special booths, tactile indicators and ramps.
During the meeting, Sayan Keldibekov, Acting Prosecutor of the region and Baglanbek Aitpayev, First Deputy Head of the Police Department, reported on the ongoing work in terms of observing the rule of law and ensuring law and public safety.

The second part of the seminar for members of territorial and precinct election commissions was a training in the form of a business game called "Election Day", where participants practiced the algorithm of actions on election day.

Then the CEC Chairman visited some polling stations and personally checked their readiness for the voting day. He got acquainted with the work of District Election Commission No. 25, and also inspected the polling station No. 900 in Turkestan. Turkestan.

Here, the head of the Central Election Commission paid particular attention to the convenient location of the desks of the members of the commissions and the seats for observers from public associations in the voting premises. At the polling station № 900, he made a number of comments and gave specific recommendations to the members of the Commission to provide the necessary review for representatives of national and international observers, mass media during the voting and counting procedures.

On March 11, Nurlan Abdirov visited Shymkent, where he also held a meeting on the organization and conduct of elections with the staff of the akimat, members of the city, district territorial election commissions, chairmen of district and precinct election commissions of the city, representatives of the long-term Election Observation Mission of OSCE ODIHR, political parties, city prosecutor's office, police department, departments of internal policy and coordination of employment and social programs, as well as the media.
Gabit Maulenkulov, head of the Shymkent City Akim's Office, informed that the number of voters in the city is 639,663, with 330 polling stations open for them. All of them are fully equipped with material and technical base.

In order to inform the population, the Call Center works in the city, and relevant information is also posted on the official website of the Akimat. At the same time, to search for citizens in the voter lists, a special service operates on the resource and launched Telegram-bot. Also, Annex 2 of the GIS provides a service "Find the polling station", where a voter can find his polling station and the shortest route to it.

Gabit Maulenkulov also said that on Election Day in Shymkent free public transportation will be organized.

Balmarzhan Narbekova, head of the Department for Coordination of Employment and Social Programs, informed about the work to ensure the electoral rights of citizens with disabilities. She reported that there are 6,254 voters with disabilities in the city who need special conditions for voting. Of these, 1,263 citizens using wheelchairs, 3,572 with vision loss, 1,419 with hearing and speech loss.

Nurlan Abdirov instructed to pay special attention to citizens with 1 and 2 disability groups. He recommended to meet or call each of these voters and invite them to the elections, if necessary, to deliver invitations to the address. Also, the head of the CEC noted that on election day it is necessary to ensure quality work of "Invataxi" service and sign language interpreters.

In the course of the meeting the public prosecutor of the city Gabit Mukanov spoke about the work on ensuring the observance of legality.

Chairman of the CEC drew attention of the head of the oversight body of the city to the work with the appeals of citizens. In particular, he emphasized that the elections are just days away, so it is important to respond promptly to the complaints of the population concerning the election campaign and to take the necessary measures promptly.

The head of the City Police Department, Kairat Dalbekov, informed the participants of the meeting about the measures to ensure law and order and public safety on Election Day.

Addressing to the head of DP, Head of CEC stressed the inadmissibility of presence of police officers at polling stations on the day of voting unnecessarily, and instructed to ensure the safety of the ballots.

After the meeting, Nurlan Abdirov and the CEC staff conducted a training session in the format of a business game for members of election commissions at polling station 106, during which, as in all regions, members of election commissions received practical knowledge on the organization of work at polling stations on Election Day.

Then, the head of the Central Election Commission visited several polling stations where he met with members of the commissions and checked the preparation for the upcoming elections, answering their questions.
Nurlan Mazhitovich drew attention of members of commissions of all levels to competent drawing up of documents (minutes of sessions, decisions, reports on results of voting, acts, registers, etc.).

He also emphasized that it is important to be especially attentive when giving out the ballots to the voters, including verification of the identity of signatures of citizens put in the journal of voter lists and in their IDs.

At the end of the meeting the CEC Chairman advised the members of the election commissions to pay even more attention to organizing the effective work of the election commissions as well as creating the necessary conditions for all participants in the electoral process.

The upcoming elections to Mazhilis of the Parliament and Maslikhats of all levels must be held in strict compliance with the requirements of the legislation, openly and transparently, the Chairman of the CEC stressed.