Most Significant Outcome - Elections Were Held, Voters Supported the Government

March 19, 2023

Yuri Bulutaev

Doctor of Political Sciences, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies of the Institute of Philosophy, CS MES RK (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

A meeting was held at the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies for an exchange of views between political scientists and experts on the results of an important event in our country - the elections to the Mazhilis and Maslikhats of all levels.

The most important thing is that the elections took place; they were the final chord in a large-scale electoral campaign, and this should be considered the main result, which indicates the recognition of the legitimacy of the electoral processes themselves. A new stage of development in the history of the country will begin - the practical implementation of all plans by the deputies and members of the new government. We already know that the government has resigned and a new one will be formed.

We must understand that the elections were extraordinary, so there was very little time to "promote" some candidates, some did not have time to open up to the end, they were lost. There were also such cases.

Turnout, in spite of the objective processes associated with political culture and socio-economic issues, was in general objective. The elections took place in an orderly manner, without serious violations, and those that occurred - they are now being dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

Most importantly, the elections showed that the population supports all the large-scale changes that have been taking place in our country over the past year; there is understanding and support for the current government; people recognize its legitimacy. At the same time, voters are quite rightly in favor of further renewal of the entire political system. There should be no stagnation. We need further transformations, new faces, ideas and forces for the next qualitative leap forward.

It should be a lesson for the current government that it is necessary to raise the level of political literacy of the population, even raise the question of introducing some special disciplines in the school curriculum. To inculcate a political culture is necessary from the school bench. This is the main and important condition for the activation of electoral processes in the future.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center