March 19 Elections Mark Completion of Full Reset of State Power Institutions

March 19, 2023

March 19 became the final day of the whole cycle of full reloading of the state power institutions, which was marked by the elections to both Mazhilis of the Parliament and maslikhats of all levels.

In over a year since the announcement of the political reforms in the President’s State of the Nation Address of March 16, 2022, in fact, all major political institutions (president, parliament, maslikhats, the government) have been relaunched.

Thus, in accordance with the updated Constitution in the referendum of June 2022, as well as after the reforms of the Presidential institution, judiciary, restoration of the Constitutional Court, elections to the Senate and now elections to the Mazhilis and Maslikhats that took place yesterday, the whole system of power has completed its logical full-scale transformation.
Any of these events is a kind of a huge challenge to test the strength and sustainability of the political system as a whole. Undoubtedly, the organization and successful implementation of such a large-scale complex of transformations and systemic reboot of each of the institutions of power in such a short time frame (exactly 1 year) and in the current turbulent geopolitical realities, has become a unique case in world politics.

Today it is possible to say with confidence that the state and society have chosen full-scale reforms and reloading of mechanisms of interaction. And we have not lost.

There is confidence that the political reforms gave an opportunity for the formation of a new qualitative electoral culture and the growth of civil activity and self-consciousness in the country.

The main factor of the current election campaign is the accession of new parties created according to new requirements. This is an expression of sufficient political maturity of all party building in Kazakhstan.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center