Leaders and Outsiders: Who Leads the Election Race in Kazakhstan?

March 3, 2023

Institute of Democracy research association conducted a poll one week before the beginning of the election campaign of candidates for deputies of Mazhilis of the Parliament and Maslikhats. Bigeldy Gabdullin, President of Kazakhstani branch of International PEN, shared his brief review.

He wrote that the survey was conducted in 17 oblasts and cities of national importance Astana, Almaty and Shymkent. Eight thousand respondents over 18 years old were involved in the study.

The survey was supposed to show the electoral rating of parties participating in the elections.

The question was: "If you go to the elections to the Mazhilis of the Parliament, for which political party would you vote?" 58.4% of votes were received by Amanat. Further, passing the 5% threshold, the Aq Jol (5.4%), the People's Party (5.2%) and the Auyl National Democratic Party (5.1%) followed.
So far, the Kazakhstanis speak little about new parties, which announced themselves recently. "The Respublica and the Baitak gained 4.2% and 1.8%. The opposition PSDP party received 3.9% of votes of the polled respondents.

However, the journalist reminds that the participants of the election campaign still have a month, which may have a significant impact on the dynamics of the party preferences of the voters by the day of voting.

Source: orda.kz