Lawyer Outlines Rules for 2023 Election Campaign

February 25, 2023

Kazakhstani lawyers of the For Fair Elections headquarters explained the principles of the election campaign, reports

First, according to headquarters member Anuarbek Skakov, all candidates should have equal opportunities to use campaign funds.

"If it is a print media, then each candidate should have equal opportunities to publish different articles. They should be equal in length. If someone's material comes out on the front page, then everyone should have it on the front page as well. The candidate has the right to take advantage of this opportunity or not. But it should be equal from the start. The rates, if it is a paid material, should be the same for all," said the lawyer.

Skakov explained that campaigning must be conducted in an ethical manner.

"You can't distribute any material denigrating another candidate or accuse him of violations. If there is polemics, some shortcomings are announced, claims, this is, of course, a normal thing. But then the media outlet that published such material is obliged to provide an opportunity for the candidate to refute the information on a free basis. Each publication must be marked "on condition of advertising. It must be paid for from the election fund. There should be no earmarked fundraising from voters or sponsorships," said the speaker.

In addition, not everyone can engage in posting campaign materials, he said.

"The media or online platforms must notify the Central Election Commission in advance that they are going to participate in the placement of campaign materials. This notification should have been sent even before the start of the campaign. Such lists should have been formulated by now. According to our data, about 2,500 media and about 100 online platforms have notified the CEC that they intend to participate," the lawyer added.