Kosay Makhanbaev Withdrawn from Elections to Avoid Investigation Pressure - Almaty Territorial Election Commission

February 23, 2023

Almaty activist Kosay Makhanbayev, who is under house arrest due to the January events, was withdrawn from the election to the maslikhat "in order to avoid pressure on the investigation". This was reported by the telegram channel BES.media, referring to the territorial election commission (TEC) of Almaty.

Such a request to the TEC came from the procedural prosecutor, the channel reports.

It is reported that the registration of Kosay Makhanbaev's candidacy was cancelled before the start of the campaign.

"In order to avoid possible pressure from the citizen Makhanbaev on the bodies of criminal prosecution and the court, in order not to influence the objectivity and impartiality of the investigation, the procedural prosecutor has indicated the need to limit the participation of the citizen Makhanbaev in the election campaign. The prosecutor's instructions are binding. For this reason, the district election commission decided to cancel the registration of Makhanbaev", - the channel quotes the deputy chairman of TEC Almaty Aset Tumatov.

It is also reported that the meeting on the cancellation of the registration of Makhanbaev has been held without the participation of the mass media, the press announcement of the meeting on the website of the akimat was not published. TECs referred to the fact that "the election commissions did not have time to post an invitation to the meeting".

Kosay Makhanbaev is an Almaty activist under house arrest in a criminal case initiated after the January events. He was recently registered as a candidate for the upcoming Maslikhat elections. On February 17, he was issued a candidate card.