I Believe These Elections Will Strengthen Legislative Branch’s Role and Influence – Daniil Koshevoy

March 19, 2023

Daniil Koshevoy
Kazakh Abylai Khan University of
International Relations and World Languages
Member of the Young Experts Platform

at the Public Academy of Political Science (PAPS)

Undoubtedly, the last presidential election was the next impetus for the organization of constitutional reforms. The next step we can observe in the form of elections to the Majilis of the Parliament. Of course, as a young researcher, it is quite difficult for me to assess the full potential, scale and significance of the current elections. On the one hand, now the elections are held in a more organized form and have a more transparent, fair character.
Party electoral competition is the core of the election campaign. Especially since the current election campaign included two new parties and one opposition party (NSDP), which has never happened before.

I would like to especially note the holding of pre-election debates of political parties - it strengthens their credibility and clearly shows the struggle. And I think that the failure of this or that party is just because of their success or fiasco at the debates, which were sufficiently well covered.

Representatives of the radical opposition took part in the elections both in the majoritarian districts and in the party field, for example, the NSDP. I think that the elections allowed us to better understand the potential and role of our opposition - how constructive they are, to assess their real strength and opportunities.

Since the members of maslikhat are elected by local people, the decree on increasing its role will give the people more control over the life of this or that region.

I sincerely want to believe that these processes are really aimed at implementation and development of democratic views of the ruling power.
Now the parliamentary intrigue flows smoothly into the government intrigue. How and in what way will the results of the parliamentary elections affect the formation of a new government? Will they approve appointments? Approval of the anti-crisis plan? Ministerial portfolios to representatives of leading parties? It is an intrigue of intrigue, we'll have to wait and see.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center