Public Woman How Active Civil Position Drives Change in Mazhilis and Maslikhat Elections

2nd of March, 2023

The head of the Baqytty Shanyraq public fund Botagoz Sultanova reflected on the electoral mood of Kazakhstanis and their influence on the results of the elections to the Mazhilis of Parliament and Maslikhats of all levels.

According to Botagoz Sultanova the electoral process becomes a tool for the formation of a stable democracy because the electoral behavior predetermines the attitude of citizens to the power.

“For me elections are a hope for real improvement of the quality of life of the population. The most important factor of the reform of the electoral system can be called an increase in the number of self-nominated candidates. In general, these norms will have a significant impact on politics, because new people with strategic views on the development of the country, really caring for the people, will come. By joint efforts we have made the first steps in building of New Kazakhstan. I think, changes for the better begin with an active citizenship. We should not think that nothing depends on our votes. I believe that every citizen is responsible for the future of our country. If we just sit on the couch criticizing everyone, we will not be able to change the situation and meet the challenges. We need to take this issue seriously, starting with ourselves by doing a good deed, whether it's rescuing a stray pet or cleaning up our own yard. Thus, we will indicate the right path to the goal aimed at improving the stability and economic prosperity of the state,” - summed up the social activist.