High Competition Expected in Almaty's Three Electoral Districts for Mazhilis Elections

February 23, 2023

The Chairman of the Territorial Election Commission of Almaty, Aigul Kalykova, recently spoke about the upcoming elections at the Regional Communications Service. Even more competition is expected during the elections to the maslikhat – 12 candidates for one seat, according to Vecher.kz with reference to RCS.

Aigul Kalykova recalled that the pre-election campaigning for the early elections of deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament and maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that pre-election campaigning began on February 18, following the deadline for registration of candidates.

According to the TEC, 143 candidates were nominated to the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the period from January 20 to February 8, 2023 in Almaty.

"A total of 104 candidates for deputies of the Mahzilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been registered. 36 candidates were denied registration due to failure to submit the necessary documents and non-compliance with the requirements. For one candidate, the decision on registration was canceled on the basis of a certificate from the SRD after checking the declaration, two themselves submitted applications for withdrawal of their candidacies," Aigul Kalykova said.

In general, the nomination by district appears as follows:
the 3rd district has the most intense competition with 37 contenders.
Out of all the candidates who registered, 31 are female and 73 are male.
By the way, most of all employees of commercial structures are applying for a place in the Mazhilis – 65 people, 17 employees of budget organizations have registered in second place, 7 pensioners, 6 unemployed, two representatives of public organizations, four represent public funds, three more are self-employed.

Out of the 91 individuals registered for single-mandate districts in the Mazhilis of Parliament via self-nomination, the AMANAT party has put forward 3 candidates, the PPK and the Aq Jol have 2 candidates each, and RESPUBLICA also has 2 candidates. The Auyl PDPP, NSDP, the Russian Community of Kazakhstan NGO, and the Federation of Motorists of Kazakhstan have each nominated one candidate.