Gulbakhsha Musabaeva Emphasized Significance of upcoming Elections

2nd of March, 2023

Gulbakhsha Musabaeva, Candidate of Law at Kozybayev University, shared her opinion on the upcoming extraordinary elections to Mazhilis and maslikhats at all levels. It should be reminded that the elections will be held on March 19.

Gulbakhsha Musabaeva, candidate of law at Kozybayev University:
- Make full use of your constitutional right. Here is a very important ethical point: when any citizen of Kazakhstan comes to the polling station on March 19, he will be left alone with a list of candidates and parties. He has the right, on the basis of his will, to agree with something and to disagree with something. And to choose his right option.

In the new Kazakhstan, everyone's vote can play an important historic role, Gulbakhsha Musabayeva said. On X day, the country's residents must show their civic stance instead of staying aloof from the coming changes, she said.

Gulbakhsha Musabayeva, Candidate of Law at Kozybayev University:
- The peculiarity of these elections is that there are candidates to maslikhats in cities, districts and mazhilis from party lists, and there are self-nominated candidates. This is great! Now the people have their own will.

A total of 14,207 candidates to the lower chamber of Parliament and the maslikhats are running. Of these, 556 are from North Kazakhstan. The youngest candidate was born in 2000; the oldest was born in 1947. According to the regional election commission, there are more than three people for one mandate.