Expert Anticipates Heated Debates Parliamentary Candidates

March 4, 2023

Scheduled on March 16 TV debates between representatives of all political parties registered in Kazakhstan will be no less colorful than the ones held on March 1. This is the opinion of Amina Urpekova, chief expert of the department for the study of electoral processes of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan.

"On March 1 the first of the planned TV election debates between the representatives of seven political parties took place. It is possible to note the intensity of emotions, competition between the opponents. Each electoral contestant tried to attract the attention of TV viewers-voters to the maximum, which is the essence of TV debates. On the one hand, this is an opportunity for each party to address the voters and earn their votes, and on the other hand, it is a chance for voters to get acquainted with the basic ideas and slogans of the parties," said the expert.

According to her, the debate once again demonstrated the main focus and social base of each party, and identified main rivals in the fight for their electorate. One could note the competition for the votes of the business community and rural voters.

In their addresses to the audience and opponents the representatives of the parties operated with figures, data, emphasizing social and economic indicators. It speaks about a certain level of preparation and mood on pre-election struggle.

"I think we will have no less interesting and bright TV debates on March 16," said the speaker.

Amina Urpekova added that the transition to a mixed electoral system with the introduction of elections in single member districts has given a significant impetus to the civic, political activity of Kazakhstanis. More than 10 thousand citizens used their right to be elected to Mazhilis and maslikhats of all levels.

The competitiveness of election campaigns of each candidate depends on many factors: the motivation and spirit of the candidate and his staff, material, time, human resources, well thought-out campaign, creativity, openness and much more.

"On the part of the state, equal access to the media is guaranteed and issues of campaigning are regulated to ensure maximum honesty. In addition, each candidate, according to the level of the representative body, receives an equal amount from the state for the campaign. From a legislative point of view, candidates have equal opportunities. The course and results of the campaign largely depend on them", - concluded the expert.