National Picture of Elections: Why Non-Indigenous Ethnic Groups are Underrepresented in the Mazhilis

March 17, 2023

State Advisor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erlan Karin held a meeting with foreign journalists who came to cover the upcoming elections to Mazhilis and maslikhats of all levels at the premises of the Central Communications Service.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 43 foreign media from 37 countries in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the CIS.

During the briefing Erlan Karin drew the attention of the audience to the fact that the prerequisites for the parliamentary elections were laid exactly one year ago, when the President in his address presented a comprehensive program of reforms.

The State Advisor pointed out that the implemented political reforms had affected the electoral system and the electoral process, which resulted in the creation of conditions for the development of party competition and increased civil activity.

“The upcoming elections will be the final stage of the systemic transformation of government institutions under the President's reform program, and will ensure transition to an entirely new model of political and state structure,” said Erlan Karin.

During the briefing, the State Advisor answered a number of questions from foreign journalists relating to the ongoing domestic political processes in the country.


Nurlan Abdirov met with the Head of the CIS Observer Mission
On March 16, Nurlan Abdirov, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan, met with the First Deputy Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Leonid Anfimov, who is the Head of the CIS observer mission for the elections to the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Mukhtar Yerman and member of the CEC Shavkhat Utemisov participated in the meeting. CIS Observer Mission was represented by Chief of Staff Oleg Kuleba and Deputy Head of CIS Executive Committee Press Service Vitaly Krasnobayev.

Nurlan Abdirov informed Leonid Anfimov and staff of CIS Executive Committee about the preparation and implementation of elections of deputies of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan appointed on March 19, briefed on the results of registration of candidates for deputies of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as results of accreditation of international observers.

Chairman of CEC has underlined that participation of CIS observers increases the trust of public to the elections.

The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan has completed the final preparations and conduct of voting. Election commissions are ready to ensure openness of electoral procedures and compliance with the electoral legislation.

He pointed out that the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the presence of missions of international organizations for observance of elections and thanked his colleagues for constant participation at the meetings of the Central Election Commission and other events.

In his turn, Leonid Anfimov told about the activity of the CIS Election Observation Mission, emphasizing that the Mission evaluates the elections for their correspondence to the common principles of democratic elections and the national legislation. The Mission will announce its evaluation in its Statement agreed with all CIS Coordinators on the next day after the elections.

Leonid Anfimov gave a briefing to mass media.