Elections 2023 Will Be a Real Challenge for the Parties – Political Scientists

February 23, 2023

The upcoming elections will be a real challenge for parties, as they will have to prove their political communicativeness, according to political scientists of the Sarap expert club, reports "Khabar 24".

According to them, a solid foundation has already been laid for the formation of a new culture of political debate. Accordingly, the number of citizens interested in the political life of the country has increased.
It is expected that there will be high activity in the upcoming election campaign. This is confirmed by preliminary open polls.

Rizzat Yelubayev, political analyst: “According to the majority of analysts, the competition will develop in single-mandate districts. Because party candidates, they are compressed by party rhetoric and the parties' vision. But independent candidates are not limited by anything. In principle, everyone involved in the electoral process should use all available resources and all available strategies.?