Election Results Reveal Overwhelming Support for Government Reforms and Political Renewal

March 19, 2023

Aidar Amrebayev,
Director of the Center for Political Researches of IPPR, CS MSHE RK
On March 16, 2022, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has announced the initiatives on the implementation of the political reforms in Kazakhstan, in accordance with which the referendum on Constitutional amendments has been held in summer, which has significantly changed the whole political and legal picture of the country.

In autumn early presidential elections were held according to a new scheme with one seven-year term. In January, elections were held for the Senate of Parliament. The Constitutional Court resumed its work. The final stage of all these initiatives was the elections to the Mazhilis of Parliament and Maslikhats of all levels.

My family and I took part in the elections yesterday. I noticed a lively and quite active participation of citizens, most importantly - an interest in participating in the elections. I saw a lot of people at the stands studying election programs, slogans of personalities running on majoritarian lists.
Although traditionally everyone says that Almaty shows low turnout, if you compare it with the overall picture, everything speaks in favor of our city. Compared to previous elections, this time the active participation of Almaty citizens is felt.

There are six parties entering the Parliament; this is an increase in political participation, and all of this is objective; in principle, it has been predicted by the experts. We have talked about this more than once. At our institute and within the Academy of Political Science, we conducted factual reviews on various subjects, including the participation of women, young people, and various ethnic groups in elections. Experts' forecasts coincided with yesterday's actual elections.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center