Competition in Politics: A Catalyst for Societal Development across economic, Social, and Cultural Fronts – Meiramgul Isaeva

March 19, 2023

Meiramgul Isaeva
PhD, researcher at the Center for Political Research
Academy of Social and Political Sciences
Participant of the Platform of Young Experts

On March 10, 2023, a meeting of representatives of the party participating in the elections took place on the platform of the election debate. At the discussion platform, each party representative briefly presented their party's programs and informed about what good deeds Kazakhstanis can offer in the interests of society if they vote in support of the upcoming elections.
This time the elections are different in that, firstly, the number of parties running for elections is much higher than in previous elections, that is, there are real steps in the development of the multi-party system.

Secondly, the ability of newly formed parties to realize themselves in the political arena with a new impetus, a new goal, a new hope.

Thirdly, as a political process, the phenomenon of real competition in terms of party size occurs in the elections this time.

Fourth, since the creation of new parties leads to the emergence of a new political ideology, the development of political pluralism in society is facilitated.

Fifth, the very creation of a new party, as a result of the increase in the political activity of citizens of the country, exercising the right to freedom of association, and as a result, influencing the development of political activity and political culture in citizens.

Sixth, it is possible to note several distinctive features of newly created political parties, such as the fact that the very fact of citizens accepting political rights as one of the manifestations of the development of democracy in the country.

Seven political parties nominated their representatives as candidates for political competition in the elections. Among these candidate parties, along with the influential parties with thirty years of experience, there are also new/young parties, which were formed only two months ago.

Candidate parties are diverse in terms of potential, ideological content, and even in terms of party members. The program on the TV channel told about the proposal of one party from among the representatives of the party to another (the representative of the experienced party to the representative of the new party) of the Coalition for further cooperation. This proposal could create a situation in which one newly formed party will abandon its attempts to navigate its new path and again be overshadowed by the major parties.

The large number of political parties and their sincere competition for the implementation of their idiology opens the way for political, social, economic and cultural development in society, as a result of which a democratic society is established that protects human rights and serves the interests of citizens.

Source: NIKA Group Perspective Research Center