CEC Releases Summary of Registered Party Lists for Mazhilis Elections

February 25, 2023

The Central Election Commission announced the results of registration of candidates for the Mazhilis on party lists.

"At 6:00 PM local time today, the registration stage was completed. We have successfully completed the registration process for all seven political parties participating in the Majilis of the Parliament elections on the 15th," stated the CEC spokesperson.

"Yesterday, based on information from territorial election commissions, we completed the registration process for party lists for the election of half of the deputies of the maslikhats in oblasts, cities of national status, and the capital city through proportional representation," announced Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Kazakhstan, Konstantin Petrov, during the CEC meeting.

The speaker noted that 69 deputies are elected by party lists. Lists of all registered political parties have been submitted to the CEC for the elections to the Mazhilis of Parliament.

"A total of 281 candidates have been registered. The required representation of women, youth and persons with disabilities was observed by each political party. The overall representation of these three categories in all party lists is 38.1%. The average age of candidates is 45.7 years, 19 candidates are young people under 29, 80 women 28.5% and 201 men. The lists include representatives of 12 nationalities," said Konstantin Petrov.