CEC Organized Field Seminars-Meetings in Aktobe and Kostanay Regions

March 7, 2023

On March 3-4, 6, members of the Central Election Commission Konstantin Petrov and Sabila Mustafina visited Aktobe and Kostanay regions for inspection visits. In the framework of the visit, seminars-meetings on the issues of preparation and holding of early elections to Mazhilis of Parliament and Maslikhats of Kazakhstan scheduled for March 19, 2023 were held.

The representatives of local executive bodies, workers of regional prosecutor's offices, members of territorial election commissions, representatives of election headquarters of candidates, international observers and representatives of mass media took part in the events.
The members of the Central Election Commission explained all the novelties of the election laws and issues of financing the election campaign and informed about the results of registration of candidates to deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan in 29 single member districts.

Dauletiyar Toguzbaev, Deputy Head of Aktobe region akim’s office, reported that work on formation of full up-to-date voter lists was carried out in the oblast. The total number of voters in the region is 562,590 voters.

14 Call-centers are functioning to inform the population of the region about the course of the election campaign, and a telegram-bot was launched to check oneself in the voter lists. There are also five online services for the city of Aktobe to register citizens who do not have permanent registration. To clarify the place of registration of citizens on Election Day, 208 online services will operate.

331 places (stands) for posting campaign printed materials of candidates and 210 premises for meetings of candidates with voters were determined. A total of 371 information banners have been placed across the region.
In total, there are 525 polling stations in the region. All of them are fully equipped logistically.

He also reported that the necessary work is carried out to create the necessary conditions at the polling stations for people with disabilities.
At the moment in the region there are 1826 handicapped people, among them 551 handicapped people are hearing impaired, 519 handicapped people are vision impaired and 756 wheelchair users.

At the moment 481 polling stations are provided with ramps and at 44 polling stations entrance doors without thresholds. Also at 446 polling stations tactile indicators are installed at the entrance.

At 511 polling stations there are installed corners for citizens with disabilities and booths for voting.

In addition, 19 sign language specialists and 37 Invataxi service vehicles will operate on Election Day.

Similar work is carried out in Kostanay region. The head of the regional akim's office, Murat Sandybayev, reported that 554,655 voters were included in the voter lists in the region.

Special attention in the region is paid to increasing the awareness of citizens. So, from the moment the elections were called, Call Centers have been functioning in all cities and districts.

On the level of the region, a call-center with a short number 1315 was organized; on March 1, it was switched to a 24-hour call-center.
In addition, all websites of akimats launched online services to find a polling station. Also, for alternative search of polling station, a telegram-bot was launched.

These services include information on constituencies and candidates by constituencies for convenience of voters.

Special attention is paid to the work to provide opportunities for people with disabilities. In the region there are 1736 voters with disabilities, including 496 with a total loss of vision, 370 with a total loss of hearing and speech, 870 use wheelchairs. All the polling stations are provided with conditions for their voting: tactile signs are provided, voting booths are equipped, corners for citizens with disabilities where a computer with materials about elections in an adapted format for citizens with disabilities is installed, there are headphones, a magnifier, a special folder with information about elections made in Braille.

On the election day 19 specialists of sign language will be involved. At each polling station there will be organized work on delivery of ballot boxes to homes of the persons, who applied to the election commission.

In order to ensure access of persons with disabilities to transport infrastructure in four regions of the region (Kostanay and Rudny towns, Kostanay and Beimbet Mailin districts) there is a service Invataxi.

During the seminar-meetings in the regions, the representatives of regional prosecutor's offices spoke who informed about ensuring supervision over the observance of legality at all stages of the current election campaign.
The second part of the seminar-meetings for members of territorial election commissions was a training in the form of a business game based on real cases.

During the organized game, members of election commissions demonstrated the process of voting at polling stations, covering the entire voting process. They showed how precinct election commissions would work on election day, including the process of opening polling stations, issuing ballots, organizing voting, registering observers, voting by absentee ballots, counting and tabulation of precinct results.

At the end of the seminar-meeting the members of the Central Electoral Commission answered all the questions that interested the members of the territorial electoral commissions.

Source: election.gov.kz