Electoral Attitudes of the Population of Kazakhstan on the Eve of Elections in March

March 12, 2023

On March 9-10, Konstantin Petrov, Deputy Chairman of Central Election Commission and Sabila Mustafina, member of Central Election Commission made an inspection visit to territorial election commissions of Karaganda Region and Ulytau Region.

During their visit, members of CEC conducted exit seminar-meetings on the preparation and realization of extraordinary elections of deputies of Mazhilis of Parliament and maslikhats of RK, appointed on March 19, 2023.

The representatives of local executive bodies, workers of regional prosecutor's offices, members of territorial election commissions, representatives of election headquarters of candidates, international observers, and representatives of mass media took part in the events.
The main objectives of the inspection tour were explanation of the innovations of electoral legislation, provision of methodical assistance to the members of election commissions, as well as hearing the regional reports on the work done in preparation to the upcoming elections.

Yerlan Galiev, Head of Karaganda Region Akim's Office, informed of the work being carried out in the region in terms of organisation of elections. In particular, he noted that the number of voters in the region is 761,471 people.

The work of 654 polling stations was organized, which were provided with the material and technical support, including the needs of people with disabilities: specially equipped corners were opened, where audio versions of the procedure of filling in the ballot paper, hearing election information, additional lighting and optical correction means (magnifying glass) were provided.

For the voters in wheelchairs the convenience of booths for secret voting and movement will be provided, as well as accessibility to get acquainted with the information materials. For the people with speech or hearing impairments sound amplifiers and headphones will be installed.

Vitaly Shaber, first deputy public prosecutor of Karaganda Region, also spoke at the seminar-conference and reported on the work on providing the higher supervision of observance of legality at all stages of election campaign.

Abzal Zhailebayev , Head of Akim's Office, reported on the work conducted in Ulytau Region. He informed that as of today there are 70 district election commissions in the region. A total of 134 polling stations in the region, 123 of them are equipped with barrier-free access for people with special needs, the remaining 11 polling stations are equipped with temporary ramps.
During the election campaign, information material in the form of audio recordings and Braille stencils is used at the polling stations for the visually impaired.

All polling stations are fully materially and technically equipped.

The total number of voters in the region is 141 285 people. In all cities and districts, call centers were organized to check voter lists and clarify polling stations.

The websites of akimats of cities and districts have services to search themselves in voter lists, Telegram_bot, allowing voters to find out the address of polling station and get the list of registered candidates from a particular district.

In the second part of the seminar-meetings for members of territorial election commissions of Karaganda Region and Ulytau Region, trainings as a business game Voting Day were organized. The aim of training was to help members of election commissions to better understand the whole voting procedure, to gain practical skills in working with the list of citizens eligible to participate in elections, absentee voting certificates, oral and written applications from citizens, and communicating with representatives of public associations.

At the end of the seminar-meeting, members of the Central Election Commission answered all the questions that interested the members of the territorial election commissions.

Source: election.gov.kz