CEC of the Republic of Kazakhstan Holds Field Seminars in Zhambyl and Atyrau Regions

March 16, 2023

As part of the preparation and holding of early elections of deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament and Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scheduled for March 19, 2023, Secretary of the Central Election Commission Mukhtar Yerman visited Zhambyl region and member of the Central Election Commission Shavkhat Utemisov visited Atyrau region.

The main objectives of the inspection trip are to explain the innovations of electoral legislation, to provide methodological assistance to members of election commissions, as well as to check the readiness of regions for the upcoming elections.

On March 11, as part of his trip to Zhambyl region, Mukhtar Yerman held a meeting with representatives of local executive bodies, the regional prosecutor's office, the police department, members of territorial election commissions, representatives of candidates' election headquarters, international observers and the media.

Representatives of the OSCE/ODIHR long-term Election Observation Mission Maria Warsinka-Varsi (Norway) and Andrew Yurkovsky (USA) were also invited.

Reports of regional state bodies on the ongoing work on the organization of elections were heard at the meeting.

The head of the office of the akim of Zhambyl region Madi Maten informed that the number of voters in the region amounted to 717,090 people, for whom 499 polling stations will work.

All polling stations are provided with the necessary equipment. Also, 308 places have been identified in the region for the placement of campaign printed materials of candidates, 356 billboards and LED screens have been allocated.

11 call centers have been created in the city of Taraz and districts to provide consulting services to the population. Also on the information portal www.e-jambyl .kz provides an online service to search for your polling station by IIN, a telegram bot is functioning.

260 online services for confirming voter registration and 7 services for organizing the voting of citizens who do not have permanent or temporary registration will be organized.

Also, the chairman of the territorial election commission of Zhambyl region Sergali Aydapkelov made a report on the work done, who said that 692 single-mandate territorial electoral districts have been registered to date. Of these, 12 candidates for deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan in electoral districts No. 15 and 16, 70 candidates for the regional maslikhat in 18 electoral districts, 92 candidates for the city maslikhat in 27 electoral districts and 518 candidates for district maslikhats in 147 electoral districts.

72 candidates were registered for 18 deputy mandates of the regional maslikhat, elected according to party lists.

In accordance with the Calendar Plan, work is being carried out at the polling stations to familiarize citizens with the voter lists and verify the accuracy of the data entered. The necessary measures have been taken to inform voters about the time and place of voting, and invitations to elections for voters have been prepared.

Precinct commissions, together with volunteers on the ground, organized the delivery of summonses to voters at the addresses.

Special attention was paid to ensuring the electoral rights of citizens with disabilities. The head of the Department for the Coordination of Employment and Social Programs Yerkin Kelesov informed about this area of work.

According to him, today 2,541 voters with disabilities live in the region, who need special conditions when voting. Ramps, tactile signs at the entrance and tactile strips inside buildings are provided for them at all polling stations.
On election day, 27 sign language interpreters will work online and it is planned to organize the activities of 28 invataxi cars.

Also during the meeting, representatives of the regional prosecutor's office and the police department spoke, who informed about the ongoing work to ensure compliance with the rule of law by participants in the electoral process, as well as the protection of public order and the safety of citizens.
In the second part of the seminar, Mukhtar Yerman held a meeting with members of district and territorial election commissions, where he explained the innovations of electoral legislation and the specifics of this election campaign, and also answered numerous questions from members of the commissions.

After that, a business game Voting Day was held, during which members of election commissions were trained in practice to conduct elections.
On March 13-14, a member of the Central Election Commission, Shavkhat Utemisov, held a similar field seminar in Atyrau region, where he visited some polling stations and inspected their readiness for the upcoming elections.

Shavkhat Utemisov held a meeting with members of the regional election commission and local government agencies, after hearing reports on the work done.

The head of the regional akim's office, Bulat Isakov, reported that 412,165 people were included in the list of voters of the region.

In order to increase the activity of the population, the website of the regional akimat provides a service for finding oneself in the voter lists, a telegram bot has been launched, and 8 Call centers have also started working in the region to advise citizens on all issues related to elections.

In addition, during the election campaign, a service for determining the address of voter registration is available at 174 polling stations in the region.
He also said that there are 269 polling stations in the region. All sites are provided in material and technical terms.

According to the temporary registration of citizens on the day of voting, Bulat Isakov noted that in Atyrau this opportunity will be provided at 5 polling stations.

In terms of campaigning activities, 158 places have been identified in the region for the placement of campaign and printed materials and 92 rooms for meetings with voters. In addition, 528 places have been allocated for the placement of information billboards about the elections.

Alfiya Tolegarieva, Deputy Head of the Department of Employment and Social Programs, informed about ensuring the electoral rights of citizens with disabilities, who reported that the number of voters in need of special conditions is 2,091 people.

All voting points in Atyrau and districts are located on the first floors of buildings. Polling stations are equipped with ramps, tactile stripes, information signs. In addition, polling stations are equipped with corners for people with disabilities, where magnifying glasses, information materials made in Braille, additional lighting, etc. are provided. On election day, polling stations will be provided with sign language interpreters and the activities of invataxi drivers will be organized.

Chairman of the territorial election commission of the region Azamat Aymanakumov also informed about the work done. He reported that there are 365 election commissions in the region (9 territorial, 87 district, 269 precinct), in which 2429 commission members work.

A total of 445 candidates were registered, including 12 candidates for the Mazhilis, 61 candidates in 6 party lists for the regional maslikhat, 40 candidates in 15 single-mandate electoral districts for the regional maslikhat, 71 candidates for the Atyrau city maslikhat, 261 candidates for 7 district maslikhats.

Also, representatives of the regional Prosecutor's Office and the police department spoke about the ongoing work to ensure the observance of the rule of law during the election campaign, as well as the protection of public order and the safety of citizens.

In the second part of the seminar-meetings, trainings in the form of a business game were held for members of territorial election commissions, members of election commissions demonstrated the voting process at polling stations covering the entire voting process. They showed how the precinct election commissions will work on the day of voting, including the process of opening polling stations, issuing ballots, organizing voting, registering observers, voting on absentee ballots, counting votes and summarizing the results by precinct.

Thus, the CEC members completed inspection trips to all 20 regions to provide methodological and practical assistance to election commissions for the upcoming elections.

During the inspection visits to the regions, the members of the Central Election Commission got acquainted with the work of territorial and district election commissions and were convinced of the readiness of polling stations.

Source: election.gov.kz