CEC Members Visited Abay region and East Kazakhstan Region

February 28, 2023

On February, 27 and 28 CEC members Konstantin Petrov and Sabila Mustafina within the framework of extraordinary elections of deputies of Mazhilis of Parliament and maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with an inspection trip have visited East Kazakhstan region and Abai region.
Responsible employees of the apparatus of the Central Election Commission also took part in the visit to the regions.

Representatives of local executive bodies, regional prosecutor's offices, members of territorial election commissions, representatives of pre-election headquarters of candidates, and long-term election observers from the OSCE ODIHR took part in the seminar-meetings.

Deputy Chairman of CEC Konstantin Petrov at the meetings with authorized state bodies and regional territorial election commissions heard the reports on work conducted in the region on voter lists, organizational issues, material and technical support of polling stations, creation of necessary conditions for citizens with disabilities, as well as timely delivery of ballots to polling stations and other issues.

So, deputy chief of staff of East Kazakhstan region akim Kinigul Bichuinov informed that as of February 26, 499 085 citizens of the region were registered in lists of voters.

For the purpose of qualitative informing of the population of the region information work is conducted through mass media and social networks. There are 167 places for outdoor advertising. In addition, information video clips and propaganda clips of political parties are broadcast on LED screens.
To inform the population about the connection to the polling stations in the cities and districts of the region, 12 call centers operate under the akimats. It is also possible to check the correctness of registration at polling stations through the service Find Your Polling Station of the portal Center of Electronic Services and mobile application DigitalEast.

The boundaries of all 533 polling stations have been clarified. All electoral districts and polling stations are ready for work. Their functioning will be organized taking into account the current legislation, sanitary norms and public safety.

There are 470 places (33 in the oblast center and 437 in towns and districts) for placing propaganda printed materials equipped with stands, billboards and bollards. There are 200 places for meetings of candidates with voters.
In order to ensure physical accessibility of polling stations for persons with disabilities in 264 polling stations for 1784 voters with special needs the issues of organization of voting were solved.

Out of 1784 voters 650 use wheelchairs, 700 - with total loss of eyesight, 434 - with total loss of hearing and speech.

As of today 495 polling stations are located on the first floors, 472 are equipped with ramps, 482 - with tactile indicators. 424 will have booths for secret voting, taking into account access for voters with physical disabilities. 502 will be equipped with corners for people with disabilities.

On the voting day, Invataxi services will be organized in 13 localities inhabited by citizens with special needs. Sign language interpreters will be involved in 113 precincts.

Also within the seminar-meeting the head of department on protection of public interests of prosecutor's office of East Kazakhstan region, Zhandos Konyrov, informed about execution of supervision over observance of legislation by participants of electoral process during electoral campaign.
Zhasulan Sarsebayev, head of the regional akim's office of Abay, informed that in total 416,030 citizens are included in the voter lists of the region.
In the region there are also search services Find Your Polling Station on the Internet resources of regional akimat, akimats of cities and districts. Services allow you to get information about the polling station by entering IIN and address. Call centers also operate in cities and districts. To simplify obtaining reference information in the region, a single contact center operates in 24/7 mode on a toll-free number 109.

For today there are formed 11 territorial, 141 district and 478 precinct election commissions.

All 478 polling stations are prepared for work, materially and technically equipped.

He also reported that in the region there are 2 687 disabled people, including 916 wheelchair users, 1 179 people with full or partial vision loss, 592 people with hearing and speech loss.

All polling stations are equipped with the necessary conditions for persons with disabilities, including ramps and tactile signs.

Also at the polling stations at the place of registration of citizens on the voting day 15 additional mobile ramps will be installed. At 395 polling stations it is planned to organize a corner for people with disabilities. It is also planned to employ 6 sign language interpreters who will provide services online if necessary.

On the voting day, 16 cars will provide services of Invataxi service.
During the meetings, members of the Central Election Commission Konstantin Petrov and Sabila Mustafina explained to the members of the territorial election commissions all the innovations of electoral legislation, the peculiarities of the current election campaign, and pointed out that the election commissions should keep under control all the basic measures for the preparation and conduct of the early elections to Majilis of Parliament and Maslikhats and be ready to conduct this important and responsible for the country campaign in strict compliance with the law.

In addition, a training session in the form of a business game was held for territorial election commissions as part of the seminar-meeting. During the training, members of the electoral commissions demonstrated the process of voting at the polling stations, covering all of its components. They showed how precinct election commissions would work on election day, beginning with the opening of polling stations, registration of voters, issuance of ballots and completion of all work.

Source: baigenews.kz