CEC Chairman Visits Mangistau Region

February 26, 2023

On February 24-25, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Abdirov has visited Mangistau region on the inspection visit as part of the preparation and conduct of early elections to Mazhilis of Parliament and Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan to be held on March 19, 2023. CEC member Shavhat Utemisov and responsible members of staff of the Central Election Commission also took part in the visit to the region.

The event included a meeting with representatives of local executive bodies, regional prosecutor's office, members of territorial election commissions, representatives of election headquarters of candidates, members of the OSCE ODIHR Election Observation Mission Simone Brocki and Adam Drnovsky, as well as media representatives.

At the meeting, chaired by Nurlan Abdirov, authorized state bodies and Regional Territorial Election Commission reported on the work done in the region on voter lists, organizational, material and technical support of elections, creation of necessary conditions for physical accessibility of polling stations for citizens with disabilities, timely delivery of ballots to polling stations and other important issues.

Thus, Deputy Akim of the region Ulugbek Tnaliyev informed that there are 247 polling stations in the region, including 4 newly established and 52 with changed borders.

All election districts and polling stations are provided with material and technical support, 81.2% of election commission members have experience in conducting elections.

At the same time, it is planned to train 650 employees of election commissions at the regional branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan.

In order to increase the activity of voters in cities and districts of the region 100 information billboards, 3 LED-screens and 6 light boxes are used. In addition, in order to inform the population, there is a broadcast of motivational and informative video and audio clips in two languages. Also informational work is carried out in social networks, Call-centers work everywhere, and an online service and Telegram-bot have been launched, where the residents can check themselves in the voter list.

Also at the meeting the chairman of the regional election commission Elubay Abilov reported on the work done, he said that in the region there are 8 territorial, 121 district and 247 precinct election commissions. A total of 2,291 members of commissions are involved. The number of voters in the region is 418,330 people.

The list of election districts in the region, their boundaries and locations, boundaries of polling stations and information about the composition of election commissions were published in the regional newspapers and posted on the Internet resources of the relevant election commissions.
Together with the akimats of districts and cities, 122 places were identified for placing printed campaign materials; all of them were equipped with stands and billboards. Also, 57 rooms were prepared for holding meetings of candidates with voters.

Elubay Abilov also said that on February 26, voter lists for each polling station will be submitted to the precinct election commissions.

In the course of the meeting, Nurlan Abdirov charged the kimat and the territorial election commission of the region to provide a reserve number of places for posting campaign materials and emphasized the importance of providing equal opportunities for candidates to campaign.

Also, Deputy Head of the Department for Coordination of Employment and Social Programs Zhaysangul Dospolova made a report. In particular, she noted that there were 20 579 citizens with disabilities registered in the region and included in the voter list. The number of citizens with special needs in 4 directions is 7,174 people (1,390 people with visual impairment, 186 people with hearing impairment, 5,542 people with locomotor disorders, and 526 people moving in wheelchairs).

According to her, 247 polling stations are located in 190 buildings (127 fully accessible for people with disabilities and 49 partially accessible).

Fifteen Invataxi and 13 sign language specialists will work on Election Day.
Having heard the speaker, Nurlan Abdirov drew attention to the importance of ensuring the possibility and conditions of voting for all persons with disabilities. If necessary, their information should be approached individually. He also underlined that if some voters can't come to the polling station due to their health condition, the district electoral commission should organize the voting at the place of residence of these voters according to their written application. The disabled will have to be informed about this right.

Rufat Kuttukov, the regional prosecutor, also spoke at the seminar and informed the participants of the electoral process about the supervision of the observation of the law by all participants in the electoral process.
The first deputy head of traffic police Bolatbek Akshauov reported that on the election day the personnel of the police will be transferred to a reinforced duty. To ensure public security, 702 police officers will be involved.

Addressing to the representative of the Police Department, the CEC head noted the importance of ensuring law and order and respect for the rule of law during the election campaign. Police officers must not be present at the polling stations on the day of voting without reason, the CEC chairman stressed.

Within the framework of the seminar, the CEC head also had a meeting with the representatives of the OSCE ODIHR Election Observation Mission Simone Brocchi (Italy) and Adam Drnovski (Czech Republic), with whom he discussed the peculiarities of the current campaign related to the constitutional reform and significant changes in the legislation on elections. He stressed the importance of international observation of the preparation and conduct of the parliamentary elections.

At the end of the seminar-meeting the Chairman of CEC marked that electoral commissions have to control all basic activities on preparation and carrying out the early elections of deputies of Mazhilis of the Parliament and Maslikhats and be ready to conduct this important and responsible for the country campaign in strict conformity with the law.

Besides, within the seminar-meeting three training sessions in the form of business game were held for territorial election commissions in which more than 200 people participated.

During the trainings, members of the electoral commissions demonstrated the process of voting at the polling stations, covering all of its components. They showed how precinct election commissions would work on election day, beginning with the opening of polling stations, registration of voters, issuance of ballots and the completion of all work.

After the business game, Nurlan Mazhitovich visited 6 district election commissions in Aktau and Tupkaragan district. In the district election commissions he was interested in the problematic issues that arose during the stages of nomination and registration of candidates in the current campaign.

During the meetings with the members of the commissions CEC Chairman emphasized the fact that the electoral legislation of the country has been significantly updated, so there was a need for quality, complete and continuous training of all members of the commissions. He called to be prepared for the fact that voters now have the right to recall the mandate of deputies for failure to fulfill their electoral programs and promises. In such cases, according to the law, new elections will be called.

During the inspection visit, special attention was paid to ensuring the electoral rights of people with disabilities, the availability of various forms of their support - corners in the voting room equipped with computers, audio and video content, headphones, additional lighting, magnifying glasses, etc.

During the inspection visit, special attention was paid to ensuring the electoral rights of persons with disabilities, the availability of various forms of their support - voting room corners equipped with computers, audio and video content, headphones, additional lighting, magnifiers, etc.