Actor Zhamankulov Withdrawn from Parliamentary Election race

February 23, 2023

Three previously registered candidates in Almaty are no longer running.

The chairperson of the territorial election commission Aigul Kalykova said at a briefing that the decision to register three candidates for the Mazhilis was cancelled in Almaty.

She pointed out that the city had registered 104 candidates. Three of them dropped out of the election race.

"The decision on registration of one candidate was cancelled after checking his tax declaration. Two more withdrew their own candidacies. Out of 104 candidates, 101 remained," said the head of the local election commission.

According to her, Tungyshbay Zhamankulov, People's Artist and actor of theater and cinema, was among those denied registration. The declaration of assets and liabilities, which the actor submitted to the State Revenue Department, contained inaccurate information. The Department informed the election commission about it.

It is known that the actor was running in the single-mandate constituency No. 3, the other two candidates, who dropped out of the race, were running in the constituency No. 5.

Between January 20 and February 8, 104 candidates, including 31 women, were registered for the legislative elections in Almaty. Early parliamentary elections will be held on March 19.