About the project
Sailau news is a website dedicated to the elections in Kazakhstan. It was created to inform the population about the ongoing elections in the country and all the details of the election campaigns of candidates and parties. The site also aims to provide the greatest coverage of information, to help journalists and researchers delve into the topic of elections in the country.

The topic of elections in Kazakhstan remains unimportant, many citizens do not believe that their vote can affect the result. However, it is the people who decide who will represent them and who will implement their voice.

Not all people know who are deputies of the Mazhilis of the parliament of the whole republic, some do not even know who is a deputy of the maslikhat of their city or region. It is sometimes difficult to get the necessary information on official websites, namely, what this or that candidate remembered, and in general why exactly that person represents the interests of the people.

The news aggregator takes this initiative by collecting all the data and accumulating all the news about candidates, parties, election campaigns at all levels.
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